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Browns From a personal opinion and as a friend of his, I just want to see him retire as a Panther, Johnson said, via the Charlotte Observer. I just think him coming back for a year and retiring as a Panther, what better career for him to have, retiring in his home? Peppers, 37, began his career with the Panthers in 2002 as the No. 2 overall pick.




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Peppers almost signed with Carolina in 2014, before the Packers swooped in with a better offer. Johnson said he’ll keep telling general manager Dave Gettleman and assistant GM Brandon Beane to add pass rushers like Peppers Official Top Miami Dolphins Authentic Youth Jersey Vip Store 2018 New Giants Authentic Vip Elite Jersey For Sale. Like I tell Gettleman and Beaner, ‚Keep stacking the D-line.

After eight seasons, he left for Chicago for four years and spent the last three in Green Bay. Peppers plans to play a 17th season and his agent said he’s had productive talks with the Packers about a return. A reunion in Charlotte isn’t a wild thought.

Charles Johnson wants Julius Peppers on Panthers Charles Johnson re-upped with the Carolina Panthers on a team-friendly deal. Now he will start recruiting another pass-rushing buddy Minnesota Vikings Authentic Jersey Saints Authentic Jersey Online. The veteran defensive end said he hopes to convince Julius Peppers to return to Carolina to finish out his career.




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Keep bringing in good people for D-line,‘ Johnson said on a conference call Tuesday. I’ll even root for them to bring Pep back. If they can bring Julius back, I’m all aboard.

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Johnson is aboard, and now will use his recruiting skills to lobby for a Peppers homecoming.